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At Brain Health Nebraska, our mission is to provide cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care for individuals seeking to optimize their brain health. Our commitment to excellence has led to numerous success stories, and we’re proud to showcase the experiences of our satisfied patients on our testimonial page. These individuals have journeyed with us to enhance their cognitive function, manage neurological conditions, and improve their overall well-being. By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire and offer hope to others who may be facing similar challenges. These testimonials not only reflect the effectiveness of our treatments but also underscore the supportive and dedicated team at Brain Health Nebraska. We invite you to explore these real-life accounts and discover how our innovative approaches have transformed lives, fostering better brain health and quality of life for our patients.

“Dr Franzen is amazing. I felt that he actually listened to me and made me feel as though he could relate to the stuff that’s going on in my life. I appreciate his time and I’m excited about mapping my brain at the next visit.”

Kat E.

“I have met with Dr. Franzen numerous times and could not be more impressed. He is the first psychiatrist I have met with who proves time after time that I am someone he cares about and holds my best interests in all scenarios. I highly recommend Dr. Franzen to all!”

Rebecca L.

“Office is welcoming. Dr. Franzen and team are professional, caring, and dedicated to helping people improve their health.”

Sheena H.

“I went to gain a different approach due to my many multiple medical conditions as well as for anxiety & depression. I did a Brain Mapping Assessment with him. Overall, my experience was very positive & informative. I would highly recommend going to see him.”

Kristina M.

“Dr Franzen & his staff have brought so much light/hope/growth into my daughters life…this experience has been life changing for her and our entire family.”

Crystal C.

“Dr. Franzen and the amazing staff at Brain Health Nebraska helped me tremendously. My mental clarity is significantly better and I no longer struggle to waking up or getting out of bed in the morning. I could not be more thankful and I would highly recommend if looking for treatment.”

Shannon M.

“Dr. Franzen & his staff are amazing! I took part in the PrTMS brain mapping & I can’t put into words the amount of change I have felt & the amount of change those around me have told me they see. I am definitely more happy, less focused on my past, and motivated more than ever for my future! Medication doesn’t have to be the end all be all… as the PrTMS has shown me! I’m so grateful for this being offered in Omaha & hope more & more people look at this as an option rather than just being medicated!”

Honor W.

“I highly recommend Brain Health Nebraska. Dr. Franzen and his staff are professional and supportive. I was experiencing anxiety from a car accident before my treatment. I no longer feel anxiety while driving after completing my treatment. My brain clarity and focus have also improved.”


“I saw Dr.Franzen for a 2nd opinion on my medications. He was very thorough and didn’t rush me in explaining what was going on. Im hoping I’m on the right path to feeling better!”

Whitney C.

“Dr Franzen and his team at BHN are amazing! The office and visits have always been efficient and easy. TMS really is an interesting science that I feel has been so beneficial to my overall brain health. After 36 treatments and 7 EEGs (scans), it is so neat to see the difference week after week. Dr. Franzen has been an amazing doctor and insightful resource while going thru the TMS treatments.”

Allyson S.

“My experience at Brain Health Nebraska has always been wonderful, Dr. Frazen is very kind and personable which is something I have found that is not common in a psychiatrist. He is very up to date and well informed on mental health and if he doesn’t know an answer to something he will take the time to find and provide an answer to you. I was hesitant at first about PrTMS due to all I had seen on the rTMS subreddit- many seemed to need another round or did not have the desired results. THIS is unlike anything people are talking about on reddit. No one else is doing weekly brain scans, changing frequency and location of treatments based on your weekly “How are you Feeling” questionnaire. I was even informed that as of getting my treatments Brain Health Nebraska is one of 8 clinics in the country that is doing personalized rTMS.

I was cautiously optimistic that I would see some sort of improvement but the way I feel now that I have finished treatment is better than I could have imagined. My anxiety, depression, and PTSD flashbacks are all insanely reduced compared to where they were when I started treatment. My agoraphobia is nearly non-existent. When I do have a panic attack, which is rare, it feels completely different than when I had them before treatment- there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t feel like its completely the end of the world. The biggest thing is I am able to sleep at night without any sleep aid medication after having horrible insomnia for the last 3 years. My fiancé has noticed a huge improvement in my behavior and my overall demeanor. Music is enjoyable again, I laugh more, I am able to push myself to do things that before treatment would have made me extremely uncomfortable or have a total breakdown.

The staff is also welcoming and pleasant and make the whole experience that much better. The entire ambiance of the office is calming, it feels like going over to a friend’s house. There’s snacks and a cooler full of drinks and during treatment I was going 5 days a week so everyone really got to know the ongoings of my life.

Brain Health Nebraska gets my highest recommendation and as someone who works in the mental health field I truly can see that this is the future of medicine/treatment for a variety of conditions.

If you’re weighing your options on how to move forward with your mental health treatment- TRY THIS FIRST!”

Grace R.

“The Brain Health Nebraska Staff & Dr are tremendous. The TMS treatment was very effective. It feels like my brain is 20 years younger. Brain altertness and stamina have increased greatly. I would highly recommend.”

Mike J.

“So I walk into the psychiatrist’s office and I tell him, “Doctor, nobody listens to me!” The Doctor says, “Next.” Sorry old joke. Office staff professional and friendly. Doctor thorough, provided alternative that proved effective.”

Luis V.

“My experience at Brain Health Nebraska was nothing short of amazing.

Dr. Franzin is not a psychiatrist who will just throw a prescription at you and send you on your way, he is a true physician in the sense that he takes the time to work with you and thoroughly explore the best ways to treat and improve your health long term. His wonderful staff, Ebony and Linda, are professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. I felt comfortable, safe, and welcome every time I walked in the door regardless of how I was feeling. I looked forward to every visit.

I made the decision to receive 60 sessions of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at Brain Health of Nebraska after discussing it with Dr. Franzen and researching its efficacy on my own. TMS is a painless and drug-free treatment that uses a magnet to stimulate parts of the brain making them work more effectively; it’s almost like space-age physical therapy for the brain. He tailors each treatment to the individual, consistently measures your progress by EEG, and adjusts the amounts and placements every week to optimize results. He also helped me find a therapist that was a good fit, whom I still see every week.

I found much improvement with the conditions I was experiencing; everyday I left healthier and more resilient. I respect Dr. Franzen, his team, and I appreciate all that they have done for me. I highly recommend them to anyone curious about improving their mental and overall health.”
David F.

“Caring physician and staff.”

Ralph H.

“Amazing just simply amazing.”