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Autism Support

As a parent or guardian, you want the best for your kids. Happiness, success, stability. You want to put your child’s art on the fridge, be the loudest in the audience as they graduate, and sit in the front row at their wedding.

And when you have a child with autism, you still want these things, but you know there are more obstacles your family must overcome to create these realities. At Brain Health Nebraska, we aren’t promising to take away those obstacles. But we are offering our experience and neurological expertise to help your child improve their cognition, social skills, impulse control, and anxiety.

Help Is on The Way

It takes a village.

And while that might be a cliche, it’s also a true statement. Raising a child with a distinct set of needs is challenging for every parent. But Brain Health Nebraska is here to be that village you can turn to for help. Dr. Franzen and his team are a caring and attentive group of experts, all trained to give your child the tools they need to grow and thrive in the world they live in.

Personalized Solutions

Our measuring stick is progress. No milestone is too small. To stay up to date with that progress, we have a few ways to quantify results and adjust treatment accordingly. Brain mapping helps us see any differences in neurological activity that cannot be evaluated via behavior evaluation. That is why we also use Neurocognitive rating scales that assess mental processing, memory, and communication. Another great way to see results is with parental feedback on how their child is responding to treatment or showing progress in their most comfortable environments.

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You’re doing a great job raising your child. But just because you’ve made it this far, doesn’t mean you have to keep going alone. Contact Brain Health Nebraska to schedule a consultation today!