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Personal Treatments for Relief


We have all experienced a severe headache that can become difficult to manage. Migraines, however, hit even harder. These pulsing and throbbing headaches can cause devastating and debilitating pain. This intense pain often comes with nausea or extreme light and sound sensitivity.

No two migraines are alike. Some people may experience tingling and visual disturbances, while others don’t. Often migraine sufferers find their days completely interrupted, but others can power through while medicated. However, you don’t have to continue suffering. There is hope for those searching for migraine relief in Omaha and Council Bluffs.

How We Can Help

At Brain Health Nebraska, we specialize in providing customized treatment plans for our Omaha or Council Bluffs patients searching for migraine relief. Some of our many services include:

Functional Brain Assessment

We regularly lean on a helpful tool called brain mapping at our Omaha-based office. It allows us a clearer view of your brain’s communication pathways. We may explore this option to determine if there is an underlying problem causing your migraines.

Face-to-Face Sessions

We believe in having face-to-face sessions with each of our patients in need of a migraine diagnosis in Omaha. However, how we do so is up to you. We can schedule in-person or virtual meetings depending on your comfort level. During each session, we cover treatment plans like building healthy sleep habits, discussing nutrition, and ways to incorporate daily exercise.

Treatment Plans

At Brain Health Nebraska, we help patients build sustainable, personalized treatment plans for migraine management in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Our goal is to design a plan that is achievable at home since that will help maximize your relief. Since migraines often get triggered by stress, a lack of quality sleep, and a poor diet, we prioritize solutions in these areas.

Are you in need of migraine relief in Omaha or Council Bluffs? We are here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.