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Every woman will eventually have to go through menopause. However, the journey may begin earlier than many of us expect. The stage before menopause is known as perimenopause, and it can have a significant impact on a woman’s day-to-day life. Perimenopause lasts on average about four years, but some women experience symptoms for just a few months or up to 10 years. At Brain Health Nebraska, we are here to help women in Omaha and Council Bluffs who are experiencing perimenopause symptoms to take control of this season in life and navigate their symptoms.

We know that no two women will have the same perimenopause symptoms in Omaha. Some may experience trouble with sleep, concentration issues, or mood changes. Others will have mostly physical symptoms like joint pain, night sweats, or excessive sweating. Our mission is to provide personalized care for all of our patients in Omaha to help them navigate the mental health concerns that may come with perimenopause.

How We Can Help

Brain Health Nebraska works with each patient to find a unique perimenopause treatment plan. While there is not a perimenopause test, we can help our Omaha patients in other ways. Some of our available options include specialist referrals and alternative treatments.

TMS Therapy Consultation


While most perimenopausal symptoms don’t require medication, some patients may find relief from symptoms through targeted treatments. At Brain Health Nebraska, we may recommend antidepressants for patients experiencing drastic mood swings or classic signs of depression.

Face-to-Face Psychiatric Services

Our team is available virtually and in person. We will work with you in whatever manner is most suitable for your needs. During our sessions, we focus on developing personalized care plans for perimenopause in Omaha.

Treatment Plans

One of our primary goals is to ensure our patients can navigate perimenopause more comfortably. We develop perimenopause treatment plans in Omaha that are easy to follow at home so patients can find some relief.

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If you live in the Omaha or Council Bluffs area and struggle with perimenopause, our specialists at Brain Health Nebraska can help. Please contact our office today to schedule your appointment.