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We all have moments where we are stricken with sadness or grief. Those are natural human emotions. Sometimes, they do not ease and remain a constant part of our lives. Sadness may turn into feelings of guilt, anxiety, worry, or sluggishness that just won’t quit. Even activities and moments that used to bring us joy can no longer pull us out of our melancholy. At Brain Health Nebraska, we help our patients who are suffering from depression in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area regain control of their lives.

We understand that not all depression looks the same. There are forms of anxious depression, seasonal depression, postpartum depression, and more that Omaha residents may experience. Each will also vary in severity, depending on individual circumstances. Our goal is to provide each of our Omaha-area patients with depression personalized care and the help they need to begin healing.

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How We Can Help

The Brain Health Nebraska team in Omaha works with each depression patient to determine the best course of treatment for their unique needs. We have several options for Omaha patients, including therapist referrals, medication, and alternative treatments. Some of these are:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This pain-free treatment is FDA-approved and ideal when antidepressants don’t work, aren’t tolerated, or if you want to avoid medication altogether. The process involves mild electromagnetic pulses, which stimulate brain activity.

Face-to-Face Psychiatric Services

Our Omaha-based Providers are available both in-person and in a virtual setting so you can select which option is right for you. During these sessions, we employ various techniques to develop the best, personalized care plan for your unique needs.

Treatment Plans

One of our goals is to help our Council Bluffs and Omaha patients dealing with depression develop at-home treatment plans to help them maintain progress in between sessions. We include treatments that help promote healthy sleep, stabilize moods, and reduce anxiety.

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If you live in the Omaha area and struggle with depression, whether seasonal or postpartum, the Omaha-based therapists and depression treatment specialists at Brain Health Nebraska can help. Please contact our office to schedule your appointment.