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Treatment in Omaha for Executive Dysfunction & Thinking

We often take our organizational and subconscious regulatory systems for granted. Things like problem-solving, self-control, decision-making ability, and abstract thinking seem like a natural part of life. These are all executive functions or higher cognitive skills. This type of executive thinking is associated with the frontal lobes and cortical. Sometimes, damage to these regions can cause what is known as executive disorder dysfunction.

Some of the executive dysfunction symptoms in Omaha include a tendency to be socially inappropriate, difficulty multitasking or organizing, mood swings, lack of empathy or concern, and an inability to process abstract concepts. These issues may result from several neurological conditions, including autism, dementia, traumatic brain injury, depression, and more. Executive dysfunction and thinking causes many individuals in Omaha to feel frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed.

At Brain Health Nebraska, we want to help you regain control. We use targeted and specialized executive dysfunction and thinking treatments in Omaha to help you overcome some of the hurdles caused by executive dysfunction. Our goal is to mitigate as many executive thinking symptoms in Omaha as possible using cutting-edge, effective treatment plans.

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Dr. Franzen is a board-certified psychiatrist with a wealth of experience researching neuroscience. He uses cutting-edge technology to map out connections in the brain and discover if there are underlying concerns. Dr. Franzen and his team can then use these results to develop an effective treatment plan, helping you better navigate the world of executive thinking in Omaha.

Personalized Solutions

Brain Health Nebraska creates personalized and targeted treatment plans for executive dysfunction and thinking in Omaha, all aimed at restoring control over your own mental health. We may start with our functional brain assessment technology or one of many proven assessments. Once we discover what you need to heal and regain higher-level executive function, we can build your treatment plan. Our team will closely monitor your progress to ensure you are on the path toward healing.

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